MICAP’s Panel Support Services can help advice and wealth management firms define and implement a recommended or centrally researched list of tax-advantaged investments (panel) for their advisers.

Our well-defined and fully auditable process can have many significant benefits for your advisers and your firm:

tick-12  REDUCE RISK Reduce advice risk by implementing robust research and best-practice procedures
tick-12  BE COMPLIANT Help safeguard your firm and meet your regulatory requirements with a clear audit trail
tick-12  SAVE TIME In-source our industry experts to provide insight and comprehensive data on the managers and their investments, freeing up your key personnel
tick-12  STAY UP-TO-DATE Maintain a current panel that is based on a thorough and ongoing assessment of all investments in the market against your specific criteria
tick-12  COMMUNICATE CLEARLY At the click of a button your panel can be quickly and easily accessed by all members of your network or firm, so you know that your advisers are always informed, wherever they are.

MICAP can offer a number of Panel Support Service solutions, bespoke to your firm’s needs. For more information on our Panel Support Services please contact us at info@micap.com.